In the advent of ongoing pandemic FMAE has decided to conduct an online version of FKDC i.e., FKDC Online. As colleges and universities are already closed and teams are not able to work on their vehicles so FMAE has decided to conduct an online activity which can help them in strengthening their Designing Concepts. So FKDC Online is a design only event where in registered teams have to design a Go-Kart and make a presentation and deliver. The whole activity will be conducted online via teleconferencing medium. FKDC online will be conducted in IC & EV category.

FKDC Online winners of both IC & EV category gets a free entry to FKDC Season 5 which is scheduled to be conducted in October 2021.


  1. All the teams are required to provide the details mentioned below.
  2. Teams are advised to provided the correct details of Team Captain and Vice-Captain as they will be the point of contact for sharing the event updates.
  3. Team member registration will be done separately as per the event schedule.
  4. Teams will be receiving registration confirmation mail and payment guidelines within the 24 hours of the registration.
  5. There should be minimum 10 members in a team,
  6. Registration Fee for every member is 990 INR. Teams can have as many members as they wish.
  7. No refund will be made once registration amount is paid, in any circumstances.
  8. Teams are advised to follow the rule book judiciously once the registration is confirmed and start their preparation for the event.
  9. For any further query you can write us an email at or call us at +91 9560122939.


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